About company

JSC DB "Vympel" is a multidisciplinary design organization and carries out the design of ships and floating engineering structures of a wide range and any level of complexity. For more than 90 years of active work, the Vympel design bureau has developed more than 540 projects, according to which more than 6,500 ships have been built.

JSC DB "Vympel" implements the following activities:

  • Development of design documentation for shipbuilding in the scope of: 
    • conceptual design; technical project; 
    • documentation of the vessel under construction; 
    • working and design documentation; 
    • plazovo-technological documentation; 
    • acceptance, 
    • operational documentation. 
  • Development of modernization projects, re-equipment of ships. 
  • Technical support of the construction of the vessel at the factory. 
  • Conducting model tests in our own experimental pool. 
  • Carrying out the experience of heeling, weighing ships.