Diesel-electric icebreaker of 7 MW power "Iliya Muromets" (Project 21180)


KM Icebreaker6 [1] AUT1-ICS FF3WS EPP HELIDECK Special purpose ship of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


Icebreaking support for the basing and deployment of fleet forces in ice conditions, independent escort of ships, towing ships and other floating structures in ice conditions and in clear water, extinguishing fires at emergency facilities.

Additional tasks: Containment of spills and collection of oil products with a flash point of more than 600С from the sea surface (OSR equipment in a container version, with storage at the base), helicopter reception (without base and refueling), transportation of containers on the open part of the upper deck, including refrigerated containers with appropriate power supply, as well as other deck and hold cargoes.


  • Anchor-mooring winch, pcs. x kN 2x200
  • Mooring capstan, pcs. x kN 2x190
  • Towing winch, piece 1
  • Reentry-type life rafts, pcs. x pers. 4x25
  • Lifeboat, pcs. x pers. 4x41
  • Rescue boat, pcs. x pers. 1x6
  • Service boat, pcs. x pers. 1x14
  • Thruster, kW 700

Cargo devices:

  • Stern electro-hydraulic double-hook cargo crane
    • maximum boom reach, m 21.0
    • capacity on the main/auxiliary winch, t 26/5
  • Cargo electro-hydraulic crane with a telescopic boom, capacity, t / max. boom reach, m 2.0x21.0

Oil spill response equipment (OSR): Container OSR complex based on three standard 20' ISO containers, Boom-laying boat with a capacity of 10 people

Research support means:

  • Hydrological laboratory based on a standard 40’ container
  • Hydrographic boat project 21961 2
  • Self-propelled scow pr. 20930 1
  • Launching devices for hydrographic equipment, pcs. x t 1x0.5 1x1.0
  • Hydrographic equipment based on multibeam echo sounder Sea Bat 7111


JSC "Admiralty Shipyards", St. Petersburg. The icebreaker was built in 2017.

Main Features

  • Maximum length, m 85.0
  • Length according to design waterline, m 78.8
  • Maximum width, m 20.0
  • Estimated width, m 19.2
  • Board height, m 9.2
  • Design draft according to design waterline, m 6.6
  • Travel speed full / economic, knots 15/11
  • Autonomy in terms of fuel reserves, days thirty
  • Cruising range at economic speed, miles 9000
  • Crew, pers. / additional crew, pers. / seats 35/47/84
  • Ice penetration, forward / reverse, m 0.9 / 0.7
  • Draft on mooring lines, kN approx. 930

Power plant

  • Main diesel generator, pcs. x kW 4x3000
  • Parking diesel generator, pcs. x kW 2x500
  • Emergency diesel generator, pcs. x kW 1x300
  • Steam boiler, pcs. x steam capacity, kg/h 2x3000

Chief Designer

M.V. Bakhrov