Large fishing freezer trawler. Project 00730


KM Ice3 [1] AUT1 (REF) ECO Fishing vessel of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


Catch of pollock and production of frozen fish products from pollock: fillet, minced surimi, roe, fish meal. Catch of Pacific herring and Lemonema, and production of frozen products from them.

It is planned to receive squid from other vessels and release frozen products from it.


  • Trawl (warp) winch, pcs. 2
  • Network drum, pcs. 2
  • Network drum (for storing a spare network), pcs. 1
  • Gilson winch, pcs. 2
  • Overcasting winch (exhaust), pcs. 2
  • Auxiliary winch, pcs. 2
  • Guy winch (trawl ejection), pcs. 2
  • Cable winch, pcs. 2
  • Winch of the catch extraction device (trawl opening), pcs. 2

Design stage

The technical project was developed within the framework of the federal target program "Development of civil marine equipment" for 2009-2016

Main Features

  • Maximum length, m 119.9
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 112.6
  • Estimated width, m 23.0
  • Board height (trawl deck), m 14.8
  • Draft, m 8.0
  • Volume of cargo holds, m3 approx. 8100
  • Speed, knots 15
  • Autonomy, days 50
  • Crew / production personnel, pers. 53/194

Power plant

  • Power plant power, pcs. x kW 2x4500
  • Power plant capacity, MW 10.8
  • Emergency diesel generator power, kW 150

Chief Designer

Volkov V.V.