Research ship for integrated fishery and oceanographic research in the World ocean


KM Arc4 [1] AUT1-ICS OMBO DYNPOS-1 (REF) EPP ECO HELIDECK Special purpose ship of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


  1. Implementation of multi-species trawl-acoustic surveys to assess the stocks of aquatic hydrobionts.
  2. Study of oceanological conditions for the formation of biological and commercial productivity of waters in the study areas.
  3. Monitoring of the habitat of commercial hydrobionts.
  4. Assessment of the state and nature of the distribution of the food supply, food security of the main commercial fish.
  5. Behavioral research and collection of materials for assessing the stocks of aquatic hydrobionts using a remote-controlled underwater vehicle.
  6. Mapping of the bottom topography in the surveyed water area.
  7. Catching fish and other biological objects for research purposes (for laboratory research) with bottom and pelagic trawls.
  8. Mastering new fish-searching methods and instruments.
  9. Technical research in the field of hydrobiont processing.
  10. Work with existing and prototype remote-controlled and towed scientific equipment for deep-sea research of hydrobionts and their habitats.
  11. Scientific research using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Research premises. Operations center, ichthyological block, oceanological block, hydrobiological and hydrochemical laboratories, underwater video systems laboratory, fishing gear research laboratory. In the bow, the ship is equipped with a helipad for receiving Ka-32 type helicopters.


  • Thruster, pcs. x kW 1x400.1x800
  • Electrohydraulic crane, pcs. x l / p x boom outreach - 2 x 6t x16m, 1 x 6t x 16m, 1 x 2t x 12m
  • Oceanographic electric winch, kN 15
  • Rope electric winch, kN 10
  • Electric winch, pcs. x kN 1x50, 1x20, 1x50, 1x30, 2x40
  • Plankton laser meter, set 1
  • Hydraulic trawl winch, pcs. x kN 2x400
  • Electric Gilson winch, pcs. x kN 2x120
  • Electric winch, pcs. x kN 4x100
  • Hydraulic network drum with dividing flange, pcs. x kN 1x200
  • Hydraulic net reel for pelagic or bottom trawl, pcs. x kN 1x300
  • Hydraulic cable winch, kN 21
  • Dumped life raft, pcs. x pers. 8x25
  • Rescue/lifeboat, pcs. x pers. 1x18/1x60
  • Work boat, pcs. x pers. 1x6


Concept design developed in 2016

Main Features

  • Maximum length, m 93.1
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 84.4
  • Width on design waterline, m 17.0
  • Board height (trawl deck), m 9.7
  • Draft on DWL amidships, m approx. 6.0
  • Volume of cargo holds, m3 approx. 450
  • Freezer hold (-28°C), m3 approx. 300
  • Autonomy, days 60
  • The productivity of the fish processing plant is approx. 20 t/day
  • Speed, knots 15
  • Crew / production personnel, pers. 28/30

Power plant

  • Main diesel generator, pcs. x kW 3x1710
  • Emergency parking diesel generator, kW approx. 150
  • Rowing electrical installation, pcs. x kW approx. 2х1700

Chief Designer

Volkov V.V.