Research ship for integrated fishery and oceanographic research in the Antarctic.


KM Ice3 [1] AUT1- ICS (REF) EPP ECO Special purpose ship of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


  • Performing multi-species trawl-acoustic surveys to assess the stocks of aquatic hydrobionts.
  • Study of oceanological conditions for the formation of biological and commercial productivity of waters in the study areas.
  • Monitoring of the habitat of commercial hydrobionts.
  • Assessment of the state and nature of the distribution of the food supply, food security of the main commercial fish.
  • Behavioral research and collection of materials for assessing the stocks of aquatic hydrobionts using a remote-controlled underwater vehicle.
  • Mapping of the bottom topography in the surveyed water area.
  • Fishing by bottom and pelagic trawls of fish and other biological objects for research purposes (for laboratory research) with subsequent freezing.
  • Mastering new fish-searching methods and instruments; technical research in the field of hydrobiont processing.


  1. Thruster, pcs. x kW 1x400.1x1800
  2. Electrohydraulic crane, pcs. x l / p x boom outreach - 2 x 5t x 8m, 1 x 6t x 14m, 1 x 1t x 12m
  3. Oceanographic electric winch, kN 15
  4. Rope electric winch, kN 10
  5. Electric winch, pcs. x kN 1x50, 2x20, 1x50, 1x30, 2x40
  6. Plankton laser meter, set 1
  7. Hydraulic trawl winch, pcs. x kN 2x400
  8. Electric Gilson winch, pcs. x kN 2x120
  9. Electric winch, pcs. x kN 4x100
  10. Hydraulic network drum with dividing flange, pcs. x kN 1x200
  11. Hydraulic net reel for pelagic or bottom trawl, pcs. x kN 1x300
  12. Hydraulic cable winch, kN. 21
  13. Dumped life raft, pcs. x pers. 6x25
  14. Rescue/work boat, pcs. x pers. 1x8/1x6
  15. Research premises
  16. Operations center, ichtheological block, oceanological block, underwater video systems laboratory, hydrobiological and hydrochemical laboratories

Industrial premises

Freezer hold (-25 0C) with a volume of approx. 300 m3, freezer (-45 0C) approx. 50 m3, fishmeal plant room, fishmeal pantry (+15 0C) with a volume of approx. 100 m3.


Technical project developed in 2011

Main Features

  • Maximum length, m 78.0
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 73.0
  • Width on design waterline, m 16.0
  • Board height to the production deck, m 6.5
  • Board height to the trawl deck, m 9,5
  • Draft on DWL amidships, m approx. 6.0
  • Speed, knots at least 15
  • Autonomy, days 50
  • Crew / research staff, pers. 28/15
  • The productivity of the fish processing plant is approx. 20 t/day

Power plant

  • Main diesel generator, pcs. x kW 2x1520, 2x1020
  • Emergency parking diesel generator, kW approx. 150
  • Rowing electrical installation, pcs. x kW approx. 2х1600

Chief Designer

Volkov V.V.