Sea-going railway/car and passenger ferry for the Baltic Sea. Project 00650


KM Arc4 AUT1-ICS OMBO ECO-S Ro-Ro Passenger Ship of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


All-year-round carriage of freight cars of 1520 mm track gauge including tanks, refrigerated cars and units between specially equipped ports on the line Ust-Luga-Baltiysk-ports of Germany; transportation of passengers, passenger cars and trucks, semi-trailers, other motor vehicles and crawler machines, as well as dangerous cargoes of 1…9 classes (during voyages without passengers).


  • Multipurpose freight cars L=14.73 m   100
  • Multipurpose freight cars L=12.02 m   122
  • Semi-trailers, pcs.                                     92
  • Passenger cars, pcs.                               292
  • Passengers, pers.                                    332


Deluxe cabins, single-berth cabins of enhanced comfort, business and economy class double cabins, three-berth family cabins, economy class quadruple cabins. Provision is made for a lounge, restaurants, cafes, a dining-hall, a bar, a shop, gyms, promenade areas, saunas, a ship’s hospital, a dental room.


  • Stern door on the train deck, pcs.                   1
  • Side port-ramp fore and aft (SB)                     2
  • Between-deck ramp, pcs.                                 1
  • Locomotive (Unilock type), pcs.                       5
  • Helipad                                                                1
  • Propeller, pcs. x type                                2хCPP
  • Bow/stern thruster, pcs.                                2/2
  • Anchor/mooring winch, pcs.                            2
  • Self-tensioning mooring winch, pcs.              4

Up-to-date radar system, shipboard local computer and information network with access to the high-speed Internet and satellite TV through the satellite communication system.

Special systems:

Automated heeling and trim system; cars pneumatic braking; railway signaling; train spaces ventilation; CCTV system for cargo spaces, sideports and areas of connection with bridge; strength and stability control.


Engineering design was developed in 2010

Main Features

  • Length overall, m ab. 202.0
  • Breadth moulded, m 27.0
  • Design/summer draft, m 7.0/7.3
  • Deadweight, t ab. 8470/9830
  • Length of railway lines, m 1720
  • Length of truck lines for rolling cargo, m 1640
  • Speed, knots ab. 20
  • Endurance in river/sea, days 12
  • Quantity of berths, pcs. 66

Power plant

  • Type - diesel geared unit
  • Power, pcs. x kW 2x11600
  • Heavy fuel oil

Chief Designer

S.A. Milavin