Multipurpose packaged timber carrier. Project 00105


KM Arc4 AUT1 OMBO ECO Timber carrier of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


Transportation of timber (packaged lumber), general cargo, including 20 and 40-foot international standard containers, bulk cargo, including grain and coal, metal, large-diameter pipes, bulky and heavy cargo, dangerous goods of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 of the International Maritime Code for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods in Packages.


  • gross 11380
  • holds, m3 21363

Container capacity TEU, pcs.

  • ISO 20, pcs. 818
  • ISO 40, pcs. 333+145 (ISO 20)

Carrying capacity during the transportation of lumber, t 10405

Lumber packages, pcs. 2800


Offshore multi-purpose timber-packet carrier with ice reinforcements, excess freeboard, one continuous deck, forecastle and poop, accommodation superstructure aft extending from forecastle to poop, three cargo holds, mechanized securing system and water protection of deck timber cargo located on covers hatch cover, diesel power plant with controllable pitch propeller (CPP), engine and boiler room (MKO) in the stern, bow thruster (PU), wheelhouse from side to side.


  • Bow thruster, kW 500
  • Ship cargo crane, lifting capacity, pcs. x t 2x36
  • Anchor-mooring winch, pcs. 2
  • Drop-type lifeboat, pcs. x pers. 1x20
  • Rescue boat, pcs. x pers. 1x6 inflatable life rafts, pcs. x pers.
    • resettable 1x20.1x6
    • descent 1x20

The technical design of the vessel 00105 was developed by JSC KB Vympel within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of civil marine equipment" for 2009-2016. On its basis, project 00106 timber-packet carrier with a deadweight of about 6000 tons was developed.

Main Features

  • Maximum length, m 137.5
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 130.6
  • Maximum width, m 23.6
  • Width on design waterline, m 23.2
  • Board height, m 10.6
  • Draft at design waterline, m 8.0
  • Deadweight when transporting lumber, t approx. 12000
  • Travel speed, knots 14
  • Autonomy, days thirty
  • Crew / total places, including pilot, pers. 16/20

Power plant

  • Main engine, pcs. x kW 1x6960
  • Shaft generator, pcs. x kW 1x700
  • Emergency parking diesel generator, kW 168
  • Auxiliary thermal boiler, kW 2x1250
  • Utilization thermal boiler, kW 1x800

Chief Designer

Volkov V.V.