Bunkering tanker of 1200 t DWT. Project 00213


О 2.0 (ice 40) A of Russian River Register


All types of bunkering operations with diesel oil and motor oils (for sea-going and river-going ships) in harbor waters of Dudinka port and outside this area with restrictions according to the ship’s class; oil recovery of petroleum products with flash point above 600С in case of a localized spill.


Single-deck twin-screw ship with a forecastle and a poop, with double bottom and double sides in way of cargo area, with engine room and accommodation superstructure arranged aft, with a racked stem and a transom stern. A cat-walk bridge is arranged between the forecastle and poop.


  • Cargo tanks (4 pcs.), m3             1408.6
  • Lube oil tanks (2 pcs.), m3              18.2
  • Cargo holds (2 pcs.), m3                 46.8
  • Oily water tanks (2 pcs.), m3        83.96
  • Separated oil tank (1 pc.), m3      35.07


  • Fore anchor/mooring winch, pcs.                                                         2
  • Aft anchor/mooring winch, pcs.                                                            1
  • Throw-overboard liferaft, pcs. x pers.                                            2x10
  • Work boat, pcs. x pers.                                                                       1x6
  • Boom-laying boat, pcs.                                                                     1x15
  • Electro-hydraulic cargo crane, capacity x max. outreach 2.0 t x15 m
  • Single-arm davit, lifting capacit, t                                                     0.75
  • OSR equipment set


Krasnoyarsk shipyard, the ship was commissioned in 2016

Main Features

  • Length overall, m 73.2
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 69.2
  • Breadth overall, m 12.9
  • Breadth at DWL, m 12.6
  • Midship depth, m 4.8
  • Draft at DWL, m 3.0
  • Freeboard draft, m 2.97
  • Displacement at freeboard draft, t 2271
  • Speed, knots 9.3
  • Endurance, days 12
  • Crew, pers./berths 5/10

Power plant

  • Type - diesel two-shaft power plant with fixed pitch propellers
  • Main engine, pcs. x kW 2x441
  • Auxiliary diesel generator, pcs. x kW 2x160
  • Emergency diesel generator, pcs. x kW 1x50
  • Thermal boiler, pcs. x kW 1x800
  • Steam generator, capacity, pcs. x t/h 1x0.7

Chief Designer

Yu.I. Rabazov