Bunkering tanker of 1200 t DWT. Project 00213


О 2.0 (ice 40) A of the Russian River Register


Performance of all types of bunkering operations with diesel fuel and motor oils (with sea and river vessels) in the water area of the port of Dudinka and beyond it with restrictions imposed by the class of the vessel, collection of oil products with a vapor flash point above 600C from the water surface in case of a localized spill.


Single-deck twin-screw vessel with a forecastle and a poop, with a double bottom and double sides in the cargo area, with an aft location of the engine room and accommodation superstructure, with an inclined stem and a transom stern. There is a bridge between the forecastle and poop.


  • Cargo tanks (4 units), m3 1408.6
  • Oil tanks (2 pcs.), m3 18.2
  • Cargo holds (2 pcs.), m3 46.8
  • Oily water tanks (2 pcs.), m3 83.96
  • Separated oil tank (1 pc.), m3 35.07


  • Bow anchor-mooring winch, pcs. 2
  • Stern anchor-mooring winch, pcs. 1
  • Resettable life raft, pcs. x pers. 2x10
  • Work boat, pcs. x pers. 1x6
  • Boom-laying boat, pcs. 1x15
  • Cargo electro-hydraulic crane, l/n x max. boom reach 2.0 t x15 m
  • Beam crane, capacity, t 0.75
  • OSR equipment set


Krasnoyarsk shipyard, the ship was commissioned in 2016

Main Features

  • Maximum length, m 73.2
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 69.2
  • Width on design waterline, m 12.6
  • DWL draft, m 3.0
  • Load line draft, m 2.97
  • Displacement at load line draft, t 2271
  • Speed, knots 9.3
  • Экипаж, чел. /количество мест 5/10
  • Overall width, m 12.9
  • Amidships height, m 4.8
  • Autonomy, days 12
  • Crew, pers. /number of seats 5/10

Power plant

  • Type - diesel two-shaft with fixed pitch propellers Power of the main engine, pcs. x kW 2x441
  • Auxiliary diesel generator, pcs. x kW 2x160
  • Emergency diesel generator, pcs. x kW 1x50
  • Thermal boiler, pcs. x kW 1x800
  • Steam generator, steam capacity, pcs. x t/h 1x0.7

Chief Designer

Rabazov Yu.I.