Tanker of about 12000 t DWT. Project 00210


KM LU1 [1] I A1 (OBHM) oil tanker (ORP) of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


Carriage of crude oil and residual fuel oil, with heating. One type of cargo is shipped in one voyage.


Fixed-pitch propeller driven by diesel engine. Double bottom, double sides. Segregated ballast tanks and slop tanks. Submersible cargo pumps.


  • Cargo fuel tanks (12 pcs.), m3     14325
  • Slop tanks (2 pcs.), m3                    254


  • Cargo pumps, pcs. x m3/h          12x125
  • Hose handling crane, t                   1x3.0
  • Thruster, pcs. x kW                       2x250
  • Anchor/mooring winch, pcs.                2
  • Mooring winch, pcs.                              2
  • Lifeboat, pcs. x pers.                       1x20
  • Rescue boat, pcs. x pers.                 1x6
  • Inflatable liferaft, pcs. x pers.
    • davit-launched                          2x20
    • throw-overboard                         1x6


Vyborg Shipyard PJSC

Two ships were built in 2005. 4 tankers were built as per project 00230, 4 tankers were built by PJSC Vyborg Shipyard and 2 tankers were built as per project 00215 by JSC Zelenodolsk Plant named after A.M. Gorky in 2006-2007.

Main Features

  • Length overall, m 149.35
  • Breadth moulded, m 17.3
  • Depth, m 10.1
  • Height overall from BL up to top of fixed parts, m approx. 19.2
  • Draft moulded, m 7.0
  • Deadweight, t approx. 12000
  • Endurance, days 10
  • Speed, knots 10.0
  • Crew, pers./berths 14/20

Power plant

  • Main engine - slow-speed diesel engine driving FPP
  • Diesel capacity, pcs. x kW 1x2400
  • Diesel generator, pcs. x kW 3x350
  • Emergency diesel generator, pcs. x kW 1x100
  • Steam boiler, capacity, pcs. x t/h 2x2.5
  • Exhaust boiler, capacity, pcs. x t/h 1x0.4

Chief Designer

L.V. Mikhailov