Tanker of about 3100 t DWT. Project 00211


KM Arc4 [1] AUT1-ICS OMBO Oil tanker (ESP) of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


Loading, carriage and simultaneous unloading of up to four types of oil products with a density of 0.7 to 1.15 t/m3 without flash point limits. Navigation area – the northern areas of Russia and the Russian Far East.


  • Cargo fuel tanks (10 pcs.), m3   3577
  • Slop tanks (2 pcs.), m3                 139
  • Total, m3                                       3716


  • Bow thruster, kW                                                                                                1x300
  • Anchor/mooring winch, pcs.                                                                                     2
  • Mooring winch, pcs.                                                                                                   1
  • Totally enclosed motor propelled survival craft, pcs. x pers.                         1x15
  • Rescue boat with outboard motor, pcs. x pers.                                                   1x6
  • Davit-launched liferaft, pcs. x pers.                                                                    1x16
  • Throw-overboard liferaft, pcs. x pers.                                                                 1x16
  • Electro-hydraulic cargo crane, capacity x max. outreach                      1.7 t x16 m
  • Electro-hydraulic telescopic cargo crane, capacity x max. outreach 1.85 t x10 m


Tanker with ten cargo tanks, two slop tanks, with a forecastle and poop, with double bottom and double sides, with a longitudinal watertight bulkhead arranged on CL in way of cargo and slop tanks, with accommodation superstructure and engine room arranged aft, with CPP driven by geared diesel set (GDS), with side-to-side wheelhouse, with cargo manifolds amidship and aft. Tanks in engine and boiler room are insulated by double bottom and double side. The ship meets the requirements of International Conventions, IBC, ILO, OCIMF, ISGOTT.


Dalzavod Ship Repair Center, Vladivostok. The lead ship was built in 2018.

Main Features

  • Length overall, m 88.9
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 83.7
  • Breadth overall, m 13.65
  • Breadth moulded, m 13.4
  • Depth, m 7.9
  • Deadweight (at sea water density of 1.025 t/m3), t ab. 3100
  • Speed, knots ab.13
  • Cruising range, miles ab. 4000
  • Draft, m 5.41
  • Crew, pers. 15

Power plant

  • Main engine, pcs. x kW 1x3000
  • Diesel generator, pcs. x kW 2x332
  • Emergency diesel generator, pcs. x kW 1x160
  • Thermal boiler, pcs. x kW 2x1500
  • Exhaust boiler, pcs. x kW 1x430

Chief Designer

V.V. Volkov