Ice-resistant floating platform Severny Polyus. Project 00903


KM Arc5 [2] AUT1-C HELIDECK-F Special purpose ship of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS).


Performing a wide range of research work in the Arctic Ocean by an expedition aboard an ice-resistant self-propelled platform (LSP):

  • Standard meteorological, actinometric (at meteorological sites on ice) and aerological observations (on board).
  • Studies of the ice cover and its dynamics (at ice ranges).
  • Studies of ice loads, mechanics of deformations and destruction of ice when exposed to an industrial facility in order to improve methods for calculating local and global ice loads on ships and other engineering structures, as well as the development and testing of systems for monitoring ice loads on industrial facilities.
  • Comprehensive work on background environmental monitoring of marine environment components.
  • Ocean research.
  • A set of field studies to improve the methods of hydrometeorological support of economic activity in the Arctic region.
  • Geological and geophysical studies to assess the hydrocarbon potential of the Arctic basins, as well as for geological mapping.
  • Studies of physical processes caused by global and regional climate change.
  • A set of works to ensure the development of cross-polar aviation, including the operational provision of weather forecasts, communications and navigation.
  • Medical research.
  • Tasks related to lighting systems for surface and underwater conditions in the Arctic.
  • Other tasks in accordance with the "Program of scientific research on a drifting ice-resistant self-propelled platform", developed by the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute".

Construction plant

JSC "Admiralty Shipyards", St. Petersburg

Main Features

  • Length overall, m 86.05
  • Length extreme, m 83.1
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 76.7
  • Breadth extreme, m 22.5
  • Depth, m 11.4
  • Draft on design waterline, m 8,
  • Deadweight, t ab. 3630
  • Speed, kn 10
  • Endurance by provision/fuel stores, days 365/730
  • Crew/research personnel, pers. 14/34
  • Breadth at DWL, m 21.8
  • Draft at DWL, m 8.6

Power plant

  • Main engine, pcs. x kW 1x4200
  • Auxiliary diesel generator, pcs. x kW 3x800
  • Emergency diesel generator, pcs. x kW 1x300

Chief Designer

M.V. Bakhrov