Shallow-draft ice-going supply ship. Project 00801


KM Arc5 [1] R2 AUT1 FF2WS DYNPOS-2 EPP Supply Vessel, Tug of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping


Supply of offshore oil and gas facilities with process fluids and bulk cargo, inventories; operations with anchors and moorings of the offshore oil and gas facilities; erection and underwater engineering operations with underwater diagnostic vehicles and container-type diving equipment; monitoring and maintenance of subsea pipelines; keeping of rescue and emergency watch; fire-fighting at emergency facilities; evacuation of crew; people recovery from water andimmediate treatment of rescuees; containment and response of emergency oil spill; transportation of shift drill team.


  • Fuel gas (LNG), m3                                                        265
  • Diesel oil, m3                                                                  715
  • Lube oil, hydraulic oil and thermal oil, m3                  35
  • Fresh water, m3                                                             265
  • Ballast, m3                                                                    1150
  • Drilling waste water, m3                                             1150
  • Drilling mud, m3                                                            990
  • Brine, m3                                                                        160
  • Collected oil, m3                                                          1155
  • Cement, m3                                                                    210
  • Cargo deck area, m3                                                     510


  • Anchor/mooring winch, pcs.                                           2
  • Mooring capstan, pcs.                                                      2
  • Liferaft, pcs. x pers.                                                   8x18
  • Thruster, pcs. x kW                                                2x1000


Erecting crane, t x m                                          7x20; 20x10
Maintenance crane, t x m                                   2.7x20; 7x6
Cargo crane with telescopic boom, t x m               0.38x15
Towing winch, pcs. x kN                                             1x1000
Cargo winch, pcs. x kN                                                 2x100
Fast rescue boat, pcs. x pers.                                          1x6
Device for people recovery from water, pcs. x pers.    1x6
Work boom boat, pcs. x pers.                                          1x8
Monitor, pcs. x m3/h                                                   3x1200
Fire pump, pcs. x m3/h                                               2x2100
Four 20' containers for OSR equipment
Set of light diving outfit
Container-type diving equipment for operation at depth down to 60 m
Diving single-arm davit 0.750 kg at constant outreach of 2 m
Container-type underwater diagnostic equipment with remotely operated underwater vehicle of diagnostic class for operation at depth of down to 80 m.

Main Features

  • Length overall, m 93.0
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 84.5
  • Breadth overall, m 21.0
  • Depth, m 5.3
  • Design/max.draft, m 3.0 / 4.2
  • Design/max. deadweight, t ab. 957/ ab. 3000
  • Speed, knots 13
  • Endurance, days 30
  • Crew/special personnel, pers. 20/4
  • Number of berths for rescuees, pcs. 73
  • Bollard pull, kN 440

Power plant

  • Type - diesel-electric dual-fuel power plant driving two ice rudder propeller with a capacity of 2000 kW
  • Main diesel generator, pcs. x kW 4x1600
  • Harbour/emergency diesel generator, pcs. x kW 1x250