Multipurpose dry-cargo ship of about 4500 t DWT. Project 00221


GL 100 A5 E1, MC E1 AUT “Equipped for carriage of containers”


Carriage of bulk and general cargoes (including paper in rolls, metal in rolls of 45 t/roll maximum mass), 20' and 40'ft international standard containers in the hold and on hatch covers, dangerous cargoes of 3, 4 (except millcake), 5, 8, 9 classes according to IMO Code in a special hold, except for cargoes requiring dry powder fire extinguishing and an independent drain system, and the vapor concentration whereof cannot be measured with the gas analysis means available onboard. The ship is also capable to carry large-size heavy cargo of up to 150 tons in mass at tank top unit load of max. 10 t/m2.


Single-deck single-screw dry-cargo ship with a forecastle and a poop, with one box-type cargo hold, double bottom and double sides, with a superstructure and an engine room arranged aft.


  • Cargo hold, m3                                                                6170
  • Special hold, m3                                                                 90
  • Containers 20', pcs.                                                         274
    • including refrigerated containers                              30


  • Bow thruster, kW                                                             200
  • Throw-overboard liferaft, pcs. x pers.                        4x15
  • Anchor/mooring winch, pcs. x kN                               3x50
  • Rescue boat, pcs. x pers.                                               1x6
  • Electro-hydraulic crane, capacity x max.outreach    2 x 36 t x 22 m
  • Single-arm davit, lifting capacity, t                              0.25
  • Portable single-arm davit, lifting capacity, t              0.16
  • Electrically-driven telpher, lifting capacity, t               1.0

Main Features

  • Length overall, m 93.3
  • Length between perpendiculars, m 84.5
  • Breadth moulded, m 16.5
  • Draft, m 6.25
  • Speed, knots 14
  • Cruising range, miles 8100
  • Endurance, days 30
  • Crew, pers./berths 12/15
  • Depth, m 7.6

Power plant

  • Main engine, pcs. x kW 1x3520
  • Diesel generator, pcs. x kW 2x300
  • Emergency diesel generator, pcs. x kW 1x50
  • Auxiliary steam boiler, capacity, pcs. x t/h 1x1.6
  • Exhaust boiler, capacity, pcs. x t/h 1x1.0